Amazonia Raw Consti Soothe 500ml

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Amazona Raw Const-Soothe is a gluten-free and vegan friendly formulation that combines nature’s enzyme-rich Green Papaya with a rich amount of Aloe Vera. Together, this fermented blend assists with gut motility and helps soothe your digestive tract.

This blend contains a highly-effective 10.8g of all-natural, raw Green Papaya and an amazing 200mg of Aloe Vera per serve! Fermented using Amazonia’s unique process, which uses 8 probiotic strains, this blend provides 12 billion gut loving probiotics and bioactive nutrients in a completely natural form.

Raw Consti-Sooth is your daily super-strength digestive support supplement!

Size: 500ml Bottle

Amazonia are spicing up the health scene with their flair for creating the world’s most delicious and nourishing products. Their team is an inspired bunch who take what they do very seriously. Getting high on açaí, sampling smoothie bowls, sharing their health knowledge and saving the Amazon Rainforest are all in a day’s work!

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