Nature’s Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll 946ml Oral Liquid

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Natures Sunshine Liquid Chlorophyll 946ml

The old saying, “if you’re green inside, you’re clean inside” has been applied to NSP’s Liquid Chlorophyll for over 30 years. Liquid chlorophyll is often referred to as “an internal body deodoriser” and can help sweeten the breath and deodorise smelly perspiration. Chlorophyll is responsible for giving plants their green appearance and is found abundantly in nature. The chlorophyll molecule bears a striking resemblance to haemoglobin (the red pigment in blood that carries oxygen). Liquid Chlorophyll has been found to be non-toxic and is safe for use by people of all ages.

Therapeutic Use
  • May assist in neutralising body odours and bad breath.
  • Use as a mouth gargle to relieve minor inflammation of the throat and halitosis.

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