Nutra Organics Organic Wholefood Bars Berry Yum Biotics (Pre + Probiotics) 30g x 30 Display

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Berry Yum Biotics is your tasty new best friend, packed full of whole food nutrition for growing bodies, and contains 5 minutes of peace and quiet in every bar.

Bursting with the irresistible taste of berry bubblegum, Berry Yum Biotics is a completely natural, certified organic, vegan & gluten-free fun sized bar to keep the munchies at bay and the kids (and adults) happy!

It contains a serve of our nourishing Thriving Protein Exotic Vanilla with organic raspberry and blueberry, the prebiotic fibres inulin and apple pectin, organic coconut milk powder (dairy-free) and is sweetened naturally with rice malt syrup.

Thriving Protein Exotic Vanilla is a nourishing, family friendly whole food vegan protein, which contains pre and probiotics for gut support, fibre, healthy fats and whole foods naturally containing vitamins and minerals.

The ultimate kids’ lunchbox bar:

Berry Yum Biotics can be eaten as a snack, packed for lunches (at nut-free schools too, yay!) or consumed as an after-dinner treat and always wins over a fussy eater.

Not just for kids, the Berry Yum Biotics bar makes a great treat for sweet-tooths of all ages of looking for healthier alternatives.


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